Saturday, June 6, 2020

Welcome to the Burke Centre Swim Club

The Burke Centre Swim Club (BCSC) is comprised of two teams; the Burke Centre Penguins and the Burke Centre Stingers. Each team has approximately 225 swimmers. Neither team has a dive team. Both teams are considered equal (there is no "A" or "B" team). The Penguins & the Stingers exist under a single charter, but they operate completely independently with individual team presidents and boards. The Burke Centre Conservancy maintains five pools throughout the Burke community. The home pool for the Penguins is the Landings Pool. The home pool for the Stingers is the Ponds Pool. Visit both teams’ websites (links at right) to learn more. When you register to swim, you request a particular team. Once swimmers are assigned to a team, they remain on that team. Every effort is made to honor requests, but understand that the club attempts to balance the total swimmers, age-groups, and abilities of both teams. For this reason, it may be necessary, on occasion, to move a swimmer to a particular team. To keep the teams balanced, changing teams, after you have been assigned,
is not permitted.

The Burke Centre Swim Club participates in the Colonial Swimming League (CSL) Colonial Swim League website

Summer 2020 Swim Registration is CLOSED!!!!

Stinger and Penguin Families,
  Thank you for your patients as the Club and Team Boards worked through this complex problem.  We are still not quite where we hoped to be, but we need to open registration to ensure we have insurance.  Waiting any longer would put our chance at a season at risk.  Please read the below information in its entirety as well as information posted on the individual team pages before you register.  The teams do have slightly different requirements to be able to swim this summer.  If you have any questions, please reach out and ask before you register.

Registration and Season Costs:
  • Initial Registration: $8 per swimmer, this fee will be done via TeamUnify.  The fee covers the insurance costs for the summer.  If your swimmer does not register during the initial registration, they will not be able to join later on.  Unfortunately the fee is not refundable! Once this money is paid to the CSL for insurance, the team will not have the ability to refund it.
  • Phase 2/3 Cost: TBD.  Once we know the start date of Phase 2 and the number of swimmers that register, we will be able to determine a cost for the rest of the season. We will do our best to keep this cost down.  This fee will be collected on the first day of practice via check.

Pool Membership Costs:
  • Burke Centre Residents: If you are a resident of Burke Centre you can expect to pay some form of reduced rate (either early bird rate or some smaller amount).  The Burke Centre Conservancy (BCC) has not put out any information since they announced they would extend early bird rates back in April.
  • Non Burke Centre Residents: We have been working with the BCC to address our concerns over pool memberships for non-resident Penguin families, and they have been understanding of our situation and receptive to our ideas. We have offered numerous suggestions such as offering a swim team only pass for non-residents at a reduced rate good for only swim team activities. We have heard nothing back as the BCC has been busy working to get the pools open.  We will let you know if we hear anything that confirms our accommodations are being met.

Summer Swim Eligibility:
  • The Swim Teams will work to allow all returning swimmers that want to swim this summer to have a spot on the team.  There will be some limitations and restrictions listed below.  If you have any questions on if your swimmer is eligible, please contact your team prior to registering.
  • Returning swimmers will be prioritized before new swimmers.
  • New swimmers will be allowed to register on a space permitting bases.
  • There will not be coaches in the water to assist swimmers.  Swimmers will need to be able to swim the length of the pool without assistance or hanging on the lane lines.
    • PHASE 2: Swimmers need to be 9 and older to participate during Phase 2.
    • PHASE 3: Younger swimmers may be allowed during Phase 3, but would need to register now to secure their insurance.
    • Any Swimmers new to the team will be evaluated on their first day of practice.
    • PHASE 2: Any swimmer who previously swam with the Penguins is eligible.  Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool on their own without assistance of the lane lines.  Swimmers will need to be able to execute coaching/instructions given from the side of the pool.  There will be no coaches in the water. There will be no Mini-Penguins during phase 2.
    • PHASE3: Mini-Penguins may be available during Phase 3, but swimmers would need to register now to secure their insurance.
    • Any Swimmers new to the team will be evaluated on their first day of practice.
  • If you have any concerns about your swimmer’s ability to participate in practice, please contact the team’s head coach or president prior to registering them.

Season Outlook:
There will be no scheduled CSL swim meets this season. Practices will be run up to August 21st.  Swimmers are not required to attend all practices. We hope running the season up to the start of school allows families the opportunity of taking vacations or other breaks without feeling like they are missing out on an already-shortened swim season.

Returning Swimmer Registration:
Now - June 11
New Swimmer Registration:
June 11 - June 15
Phase 1 Swimming:
TBD - Start of Phase 2
Phase 2 Swimming:
TBD - August 21st (or start of Phase 3)
Phase 3 Swimming:
TBD - August 21s

2020 Registration Site Links
*** Please read information related to the registration process for 2019 below prior to registering. ***

**NOTE FOR NEW SWIMMERS: On April 1 you will be directed to the Penguins registration site for registration. However, during the registration process you will be prompted to provide information regarding your desired team (Stingers or Penguins). We will attempt to accommodate your request as best as possible, but due to the number of registrants for each team, we may not be able to meet all requests.

***Registration process for the Burke Centre Swim Club for 2020 summer season***


Registration for the Burke Centre Swim Club (both Penguins and Stingers) is done online. To maintain safe swimming conditions and promote social distancing, both Penguin and Stinger swim teams will be capped this year. In addition, specific age-groups may be closed if numbers within the group become unmanageable. Online registration for returning team members begins on June 6th, 2020. Online registration for NEW swimmers begins on June 11, 2020. Initial cost of registration will be $8 per swimmer to cover insurance costs for the Colonial Swim League.  Once a start date of Phase 2 is determined, the Swim Club will determine the cost for the swim season and will collect that final fee on the first day of practice via check.

NOTE: If a swimmer has swum competitively in the past, they will be asked to provide their best times as part of the online registration. Please have that information available before beginning the online registration process. Be reminded that swimmers must also be members of the Burke Centre pools to participate on the swim team. Go to Burke Centre Pool Membership Applications, Pool Locations, & Pool Rules for pool membership information.

ALL swimmers new to the BCSC (age 10 and younger), including any siblings that have not participated before, will be evaluated on the first day of practice. If a swimmer's ability does not meet the requirements, then they will not be allowed to continue swimming during Phase 1 and will not have to pay the season fee.  They may still be eligible to swim during Phase 3 and a fee will be determined at that time.  All swimmers MUST have a Burke Centre Pool Pass to access the pool at all times. To participate in the Summer 2020 season during Phase 2, swimmers need to be able to swim the length of the pool without assistance or utilizing the lane lines and must be able to execute verbal instruction given by coaches.

Refund policy: The $8 registration fee is not refundable.  This fee is to pay your swimmer's insurance cost to the CSL.  For new swimmers, Phase fees paid by check on the first day of practice will not be deposited until a swimmer has passed their evaluation and has been approved to participate in practice.  After practices have started, refunds of Phase fees or portions there of, will be on a case by case basis decided on by the team boards. 

Summary:  For the 2020 season, the will be no volunteer fee.  Volunteers will be asked to help facilitate practices to ensure swimmer social distancing.  If you will be staying for your swimmers practice, helping the teams with this position would be greatly appreciated.

Contact BCSC President, Stingers President, or Penguins President

Burke Centre Pool Membership Applications, Pool Locations, & Pool Rules