Monday, March 1, 2021

Welcome to the Burke Centre Swim Club

The Burke Centre Swim Club (BCSC) is comprised of two teams; the Burke Centre Penguins and the Burke Centre Stingers. Each team has approximately 200 swimmers. Neither team has a dive team. Both teams are considered equal (there is no "A" or "B" team). The Penguins and the Stingers exist under a single charter, but they operate completely independently with individual team presidents and boards. The Burke Centre Conservancy maintains five pools throughout the Burke community. The home pool for the Penguins is the Landings Pool. The home pool for the Stingers is the Ponds Pool. Visit both teams’ websites (links at right) to learn more. When you register to swim, you may request a particular team. Once swimmers are assigned to a team, they remain on that team. Every effort is made to honor requests, but understand that the club attempts to balance the total swimmers, age-groups, and abilities of both teams. For this reason, it may be necessary, on occasion, to place a swimmer on a particular team. To keep the teams balanced, changing teams, after you have been assigned, is not permitted.

The Burke Centre Swim Club participates in the Colonial Swimming League (CSL) Colonial Swim League website

Welcome to the 2021 Swim Season!!!!

Stinger and Penguin Families,
After a very successful, albeit different, 2020 season, the Burke Centre Swim Club is looking forward to our 2021 summer swim season.  While we still do not know for certain what the season will look like, we anticipate being able to, at a minimum, repeat what we were able to provide last summer.  The same as last summer, both the Colonial Swim League and the Burke Centre Conservancy are taking a very slow and measured approach to the summer swim season and the operation of the pools we rely on.

Both teams have limited their initial registration to 120 swimmers until the status and availability of the Burke Centre Pools is determined.  120 swimmers is the maximum amount the teams could each support following US Swimming guidelines and only having access to a single pool.

2021 Registration Site Links
*** Please read information related to the registration process for 2021 below prior to registering. ***
The Burke Centre Penguins have currently reached their 120 swimmer limit and are accepting swimmers onto their waitlist.
Once it is determined that the Penguins will have access to a second practice pool the waitlist will be cleared!
New Swimmers requesting The Burke Centre Stingers or who are undecided may due so on the Stingers' webpage.
New Swimmers will not be officially assigned to a team until the status and availability of the pools is determined.

PENGUINS REGISTRATION (Registration is Open) Click HERE to sign up for the Penguins
RETURNING STINGERS (Registration is Open) Click HERE to sign up for the Stingers

2021 Fee Schedule
1st Swimmer: $160
2nd Swimmer: $160
3rd+ Swimmer: $130
(Max Amount a Family will Pay is $450)

**NOTE FOR NEW SWIMMERS: If the swim teams are able to obtain additional pool space and support additional swimmers, you will be contacted that registration has reopened.  At that time, during the registration process you will be prompted to provide information regarding your desired team (Penguins or Stingers). We will attempt to accommodate your request as best as possible, but due to the number of registrants for each team, we may not be able to meet all requests.  New Swimmers will not be officially assigned to a team until the status and availability of the Burke Centre Pools is determined. We will do our best to honor all requests.

***Registration process for the Burke Centre Swim Club for 2021 summer season***


Registration for the Burke Centre Swim Club (both Penguins and Stingers) is done online. To maintain safe swimming conditions, both Penguin and Stinger swim teams may limit the number of swimmers on the teams. In addition, specific age-groups may be closed if numbers within the group become unmanageable. Online registration for returning team members begins on February 15th, 2021. Online registration for NEW swimmers begins on March 1st, 2021.

NOTE: If a swimmer has swam competitively in the past, they will be asked to provide their best times as part of the online registration. Please have that information available before beginning the online registration process. Be reminded that swimmers must also be members of the Burke Centre pools to participate on the swim team. Go to Burke Centre Pool Membership Applications, Pool Locations, & Pool Rules for pool membership information.

ALL swimmers new to the BCSC (age 10 and younger), including any siblings that have not participated before, will be evaluated prior to the first day of practice. If a swimmer's ability does not meet the requirements, then they will not be allowed to continue swimming during Phase 1 and will not have to pay the season fee. All swimmers MUST have a Burke Centre Pool Pass to access the pool at all times.

Contact BCSC President, Stingers President, or Penguins President

Burke Centre Pool Membership Applications, Pool Locations, & Pool Rules