Thursday, February 10, 2022

2022 Burke Centre Swim Club Registration



*** Please review the 2022 registration process below before registering. ***



APRIL 1st – Registration Opens


All NEW families >> Click on the “New Family Registration” tab above for more info about the registration process


WELCOME to the Burke Centre Swim Club!! You are about to sign your kids up for the most fun activity they will have all summer. Camps – bleh!  Trips – painful!  Video games – are we having this conversation? 


Swim Teams are THE activity your kids will remember about summer 2022. They will make new friends, develop better swimming techniques, compete against other swim clubs, and have tons of fun!!


Burke Centre Swim Club is unique in that we have 2 great teams to choose from – the Stingers and the Penguins. The Club created 2 teams to maximize the experience for the swimmers and keep the team sizes manageable and safe for the coaches and swimmers. Both teams offer the same swimming experience for your kids.


The BCSC Board attempts to balance the teams in terms of overall size and swimmers in each age group. To do this, once registration closes, the Board will meet and assign new swimmers to one of the two teams. We take into consideration your address, school the swimmer is attending, transportation issues, and any other factors you wish us to consider for placing your swimmer(s) on one of the teams. We will attempt to accommodate your request as best as possible, but we make no guarantees. The steps to register your swimmer are outlined by clicking the link above.


Team assignments will be made by May 13th.


If a swimmer swam competitively in the past, you will be asked to provide their best times as part of the online registration. Please have that information available before beginning the online registration process.


New swimmers to the BCSC (age 10 and younger) will be evaluated prior to the first day of practice. If a swimmer's ability does not meet the requirements they will not be allowed to continue with the Club. The registration fee for that swimmer will be refunded. 


All swimmers must also be members of the Burke Centre Pools to participate on the swim team. Go to Burke Centre Pool Membership Applications, Pool Locations, & Pool Rules for pool membership information.


Finally, running a swim meet requires a LOT of volunteers. All parents will be asked to volunteer for a few hours throughout the season. You’ll have the option to sign up for various roles and times that fit your schedule.



Registration is Open


PENGUINS: All returning Penguins families >>> CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


STINGERS: All returning Stingers families >>> CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 


Any siblings that have not participated on a BCSC team before will be evaluated prior to the first day of practice. If a swimmer's ability does not meet the requirements, then they will not be allowed to continue with the team. The registration fee for that swimmer will be refunded. 



Please note that we may limit the number of swimmers on each team or within specific age groups if we cannot accommodate the number interested safely within the confines of the pools’ sizes. 


All swimmers MUST have a Burke Centre Pool Pass to access the pool at all times.


2022 Fee Schedule

1st Swimmer: $160

2nd Swimmer: $160

3rd+ Swimmer: $130

(Max Amount a Family will Pay is $450)



Late registration begins on May 1, with late fees of $20/swimmer.

Due to a system limitation, contact if you will have 6 or more swimmers in your family so we can process your registration manually.