2021 Volunteer Policy

Burke Center Swim Club Volunteer Policy

In 2012, the Burke Centre Swim Club instituted a volunteer fee for our club membership due to the many hands needed to set up and run each swim meet. Because of its success, we continue the policy for both teams in our club, the Penguins and the Stingers. The policy is explained in detail below. Please take the time to read it in full and feel free to contact a member of the swim team board or the volunteer coordinators on either of the Burke Centre teams (contacts are listed on the team websites).

Over the course of the swim season, there are approximately 500-750 “jobs” that require volunteer attention in order to ensure all swim team activities can be accomplished. They include the 25-50 adults needed to set up and run every swim meet, the many volunteers needed to host social events, as well as the dedicated people who make sure our children receive ribbons, etc. Summer swim is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience for our children, but none of it can happen without an army of volunteers.

The volunteer policy provides families with two options:

• work the required number of volunteer jobs, eight (8) for 2021, sometime during the season in order to have your volunteer fee returned, or

• during registration, in addition to paying the swimmer(s) membership fee, you may also pay a volunteer fee of $225 to opt-out of jobs.  Choosing this option means that your family will not be responsible for the required 8 jobs during the 2021 swim season. However, if a situation arises in which the team needs a volunteer in order to continue to run a meet, you may be asked to help.  In addition, if your child is invited to swim at Divisionals or All-Stars volunteer time will be needed

Volunteer opportunities are available during the swim season and through the Burke Centre Festival in September 2021. Checks will be returned (or destroyed) to families who have met the minimum volunteer requirement. Currently the requirement is 8 “jobs,” primarily at swim meets, though the requirement could change depending on need.

Payment of Volunteer Fees:

If you plan to volunteer during the season, you have until June 12, 2021 to submit a check in the amount of $225 made out to Burke Centre Swim Club.  A table will be set up at swim practices from Wednesday, June 2nd, until Friday, June 18th, where payments can be made. If payment has not been received by that time, your child will not be allowed to participate in further swim team events, including practices and Time Trials, until payment has been received. If you do not fulfill your volunteer requirements, your $225 volunteer check will be cashed after the Burke Centre Festival. Checks will be returned (or shredded) to families who fulfill the volunteer requirement.  The volunteer coordinator, for each team, will be in contact with families regarding total jobs worked.

Opt-Out Option:

The on-line registration has a specific prompt asking whether or not you would like to opt-out of the volunteer requirements. Do not check the box during the online registration process if you plan to meet the team’s volunteer requirements during the swim season. Checking the box will result in an additional $225 charge over and above the regular registration fee and indicates that your family will be opting out of volunteer responsibilities. If you have checked the box accidentally, please let the volunteer coordinator know by Friday, June 12. The fee will be refunded once you have fulfilled the volunteer requirements.

Volunteer Requirements:

In order to meet the Burke Centre Swim Club’s volunteer requirements, each family is required to fulfill 8 “jobs”. The specifics of each one can be found on both the Penguin and Stinger websites (sign ups are specific to each team so make sure you access the correct link for your team). We understand that some jobs are not suitable for all families, but there are many other opportunities available that will enable each of our swim families to meet their requirements. Please look over each job description carefully to find the right fit for you. If you have difficulty meeting the 8 job requirement, please reach out to the volunteer coordinator.

Signing up for Volunteer Jobs:

The list of volunteer jobs from which to choose will be posted and managed on each team's website.  You should sign up online and must also sign in at the pool deck to receive credit.  If you volunteer for a job on the spot, during an event, please be sure to let the volunteer coordinator for your team know so that you can receive credit for your shift. We appreciate your time and help.  We are willing to help you find a job that is a good fit. If additional information is needed, please reach out to your team volunteer coordinator.

Burke Centre Festival
One requirement of our charter with the Burke Centre Conservancy is that our teams support the Burke Centre Festival with volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday. Shifts completed at the festival can be used to fulfill your volunteer requirement.

Volunteer Requirements Deadline:
All requirements must be met by the end of Burke Centre Festival in September.


Swim team board members and select time intensive coordinator positions are exempt from the job requirements as stated above. These positions require significantly more time, both during the season and in the off-season, and will be considered more than sufficient in meeting the team’s requirements.

Meet Requirement Exceptions and Expectations 

Wednesday “B” and Saturday “A” Meets

Some families with Saturday swimmers may end up working more than the 8-job requirement. If your swimmer(s) participate(s) on both Saturdays and Wednesdays, they may be swimming twice as much as some other swimmers; in this case, we encourage those families to work a few additional shifts. Please remember that you may sometimes be needed to fill a volunteer slot over and above the required ones.

Relay Carnival, Divisionals and All-Stars

Because we are unable to determine which swimmers will qualify for these meets, or what our team obligations will be until later in the season, the volunteer sign-up links cannot be created until closer to the dates these meets take place. If your swimmers participate in these events, please understand that you may be asked to help, even if you’ve met your job requirements, paid the opt-out fee, or are exempt because you are a board member or coordinator. Sometimes not many families are involved in some of these meets and we simply need everyone participating to make sure the meets run well. It may not necessarily be the case, but it could happen so please keep in mind that you may be called upon to help.


We understand there will be times when someone will have to cancel for one reason or another. If you need to cancel a slot you’ve already signed up for, please follow the procedure outlined by your team.

If you do have to cancel for any reason, please realize we cannot guarantee you will be able to make up the lost time performing the same job at a later date. You will need to be flexible and take a vacant job another time in order to ensure you meet your volunteer requirements.

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